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Tourism Minister Yariv Levin (Likud) met with Honduras President Juan Hernandez in the presidential palace in Tegucigalpa. Attending the meeting were Honduras' Foreign and Tourism ministers, as well as Israeli Ambassador to Honduras Mati Cohen. At the meeting, Levin emphasized the deepening relationship between Israel and Honduras, and thanked Honduras for their support of Israel and the US in the decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem. 'There is great importance in moving your embassy to Jerusalem,' Levin said. 'We cannot accept a situation in which other countries attempt to dictate to us where our capital should be. I am convinced that additional countries work to move their embassies to Jerusalem soon, and that Honduras will not wait, and will decide to move its embassy.'

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Hernandez expressed an understanding of the importance and international recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and told Levin that he had decided to appoint a senior staff to examine the issue of moving the country's embassy to Jerusalem. Hernandez and Levin also agreed to cooperate on tourism. As a result, Honduras will participate for the first time in the international tourism fair held in Israel.

Israel also promised to help Honduras develop its tourism industry, providing professional guidance in the field. Earlier this month, Honduran lawmakers calling on the government to move the nation’s embassy in Israel from its present location in Tel Aviv to the Israeli capital city of Jerusalem.