Poslovici O Knige Na Kazahskom Yazike S Perevodom

Not eve n a whisper is to be heard in the g arden, Everything has calme d down until dawn. If you o nly knew how dear th ey are to me, The evenings nea r Moscow! T he river is moving and (so metimes) no t, All made of the m oons silver. A song sounds and is not to be heard In those quiet eve nings.

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Why do you, darling, look at m e from the side, Be nding your hea d so low? It i s not easy to tell All the th ings that are in my heart. And dawn is getti ng more and more vi sible.

So, ple ase, be so kind: You, also, do nt forget The se summer eveni ngs near Mosc ow. Eve n whispers aren't hea rd in the garden, Everything has die d down till morning.

If you on ly knew how dear t o me Are these Mosc ow nights. T he river moves, unmo ving, All in sil ver moonlight.

A song is heard, yet un heard, In th ese silent nights. Why do you, dear, loo k askance, With yo ur head lowered s o? It is har d to express, and har d to hold back, Everything that my hear t holds. But the da wn's becoming ever brig hter. So plea se, just be go od. Do n't you, too, forg et Th ese summer, Moscow ni ghts. Species 2 movie download in hindi.