Perfume Polyrhythm Single Download

Perfume discography The discography of Japanese pop and electronic. Through into the mainstream Japanese market with the single 'Polyrhythm', their first. 2009 (JPN); Label: Tokuma Japan; Formats: CD, CD/DVD, digital download, LP. The tune Perfume Flash Single Ver is just with regard to demo when you much like the track make sure you choose the. Download Polyrhythm by Perfume at! High Quality, Preview Available.

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Finally, a new maxi-single is announced for next 12th September. Title is ポリリズム (Polyrhythm) and will be released as a Single CD and as a Single CD+DVD (1000¥ and 1300¥).

This song is for this year’s NHK-TV AC Commercial, about recycling and ecologic conscience. Last year’s theme was promoted by five members from AKB48 idol group. Rags game password crack. Commercial is released today on NHK TV.

Here will be a link of it while it’s available on the net. But we have an audio rip including a few seconds of the new song.

Perfume Polyrhythm Single Download

Enjoy a new amazing Yasutaka Nakata production for Perfume! Via √ audio preview Posts navigation.