Paragon Hfs For Windows Crack Screen

This is a repost of a complaint I posted in the Wilders Security Forums which fields Paragon software issues: 'Few days ago I installed HFS+ for Windows, then the other day I noticed that my system blue screened upon shutting of siting error in fltmgr.sys. I thus rebooted and went into event viewer ( was hard as bsod were popping up) and saw that some file called uim something.sys was having errors. Bilz

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Paragon HFS+ for Windows 11.3.158 incl Activator is the only solution that provides full read-write access to HFS /HFSX partitions on any type of disks (GPT, MBR) under most of Windows versions. Paragon HFS+ for Windows crack Access Mac-formatted partitions in Windows systems with the fastest and most stable HFS driver on the market.

I googled it and found it to be a Paragon file. To make matters worse I couldn't uninstall it and had data corruption and had to revert back to my last april backup loosing data. This is not good.

So I wasn't a hundred percent sure it was that utility so I copied my good partition to another drive on my system and installed the HFS Windows utility again and got an immediate BSOD upon boot! I mean who do these guys hire to do their programming? High school drop outs? Who is doing the beta testing?

Is there any quality control here?! This is ridiculous!

This is the second issue I have had with a Paragon product in a month. The first being Paragon Partition Manager Pro crashing upon seeing an ntfs - HFS hybrid guid multi parition drive.

Had to upgrade to the HDM Suite Pro with a newer engine to fix this problem. So I don't know why I installed this HFS utility considering what happened before, and I can tell you that I no longer trust Paragon with my data. As far as I'm concerned trashing someones drive is a serious offense!' I advise any dual HFS NTFS booters to stay away from this product. It is very dangerous! Hi, I've recently tried on my dual boot hackintosh ( Lion - Windoz7 ) Paragon HFS+ 9 for Windows because I always need Windows for Bluray ripping & for Solidworks 3D CAD >Result: Blue Screen Of Death after the second reboot on Windoz7.Unable to boot, even if I was trying Safe Mode.

I've finally found what we must do: 1. Boot on OS X & be sure to have Paragon NTFS installed ( v9.0 is speedy & -at the opposite of HFS+ for Windoz-works like a charm in Lion.) 2. Go to: C: Windows System32 drivers & delete all files which begin like hfs*.sys 3.Try to reboot your windoz partition: it must be ok. 4.Uninstall HFS+ For Windoz & Reboot now Hope it will be helpful for someone of the Hackintosh community. Using Paragon HFS+ for Windows® 10 resulted in two HFS+ devices being corrupted.

In Windows the volumes are still available read and write, but none of the devices' volumes are available in Mac. Disk Utility sees the devices, the volumes are grayed out, and Disk Utility cannot repair them. Which version of Windows - 7, 8, 8.1? 32 or 64 bit?