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Oregon Scientific I600 - Working Again 1. Abstract The weather forecast service for the Oregon Scientific I600 station has been discontinued as of February 2014, rendering the I300 and I600 weather stations useless. This article describes how data is being exchanged between the Weather OS Windows application and the weather servers. It also provides some hints on howto build your own weather server so you can bring your I600 station back to life. Service Discontinued My Oregon Scientific I600 weather station has been providing me with weather forecasts for years.


By the end of 2013, however, the service became very unreliable and instead of fixing the problem, Oregon Scientific issued a statement in February 2014 that the service would be discontinued. OS Weather Server Discontinuation Notice We would like to express our sincere apologies to OS Weather server users about the server error occurred lately. After investigation, we have diagnosed that there is an irreparable technical problem occurred with the server and we hereby regret to announce that OS weather server will be permanently discontinued, with effective from 19th February 2014. We are in the process of developing be a new PC Software for our WMR series (please refer to the below model list) that will be go on-live on 21st February 2014. Related user can visit our OS weather website (for the new PC software download and more product information. Programma strelochka arrowexe.

Model Affected Items WMR88 PC software WMR100 PC software WMR200 PC software WMRS200 PC software Frequently Asked Questions • Where can I download the new PC software? After 21st February 2014, you can download Weather OS Pro 88 and Weather OS Pro 200 PC software from • Will there be different versions of PC software for different models? Yes, there will be two versions on New PC software: Weather OS Pro 88 for WMR88 & WMR100 Weather OS Pro 200 for WMR200 & WMRS200 • Can EMS100, RMS300, RMS600, i300 and i600 work without the weather server? The main unit of EMS100, RMS300 and RMS600 will still function. Only the features in relation to the PC software will be disabled since the new PC software will only support WMR88/100/200 & WMRS200. However, I300 & I600 will be totally out of function after the weather server is shut down. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

So, if you own an I600 weather station like I do, your only remaining option is to throw it out and buy a new unit. Before Oregon Scientific permanently stopped the service, I did some reverse engineering to find out how the Windows application communicates with the weather server to retrieve the weather forecast data for the selected cities. Once you know how data is being exchanged, it is fairly easy to build your own small web service that provides data to the Window WeatherOS application to be uploaded to the I600 unit. Communication Protocol After some network tracing and packet sniffing on my local network, I found out that the Weather OS application communicates with to retrieve configuration information and weather data.

This server stopped providing forecast data in January 2014. As of April 2014, the server appears to be down permanently. 3.1 Application Startup When the Weather OS application is launched, it launches the following queries.