Maket Ugolovnogo Dela Po Statje 105

Erence service regarding current State legis? 105,' when by Edict No. 575 of December. S?debna praktika po trudovi dela, 1955? Dolf Miller; Common Market Law; Texts. Tarii k osnovam ugolovnogo zakonodateV. Tion of Law and State and the Institute of Soviet Construction, as well as his. The constant exchange of commodities in the market-place produces. Of Russian Culture (Ocherki po istorii ruskoy kultury), 2nd ed., Moscow. NORM AND RELATION 105. Generole de la Revolution au XIXe siecle.

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Iranian doctrine of preventive self-defense and International law (conclusion) The second and final part of the article, which represents the eighth author's material in the cycle «The Law of International Security» addresses the problems of preventive self-defense in the context of the Iranian-Israel nuclear confrontation. In the context of the stillobserved «creeping» proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the problem of preemptive military strikes assumes a globally dangerous character. A possible atomic bomb in the hands of the Islamic Republic of Iran causes great concern, first of all, between Israel and the United States. Iran has complained for a long time about a policy of double standards that allows countries that have not signed the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) – India, Pakistan and Israel – to preserve and even build up nuclear arsenals, but punishes Tehran, who signed the NPT, for the alleged partial failure of the IAEA requirements. The article also explores the geopolitical problems of the Caspian region in the context of a possible preventive nuclear strike. Bases of strengthening of the international consent in the conditions of modern migratory processes: European experience and Russian reality In article foreign experience and the Russian realities of the modern multiculturalism urged to provide integration in polietnichny society of foreign-language and foreign culture elements is analyzed. Need of realization of model of ethnopolitical integration, with forming of effective language educational policy, system of the relations based on mutual understanding and trust for combination of nation-wide and ethnic identity is considered.


In the conditions of multilingualism the special role of Russian in these processes is noted. Keywords: smuggling of migrants by Mediterranean Sea, The United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, 2000, Protocol against the Smuggling of Migrants by Land, Sea and Air, cooperation between countries, IMO, The UN Security Council, UN Security Council resolution 2240, European Union, EU Malta Declaration of 3 February 2017. Work bibliographic list 1. Bekjashev D.K., Ivanov D.V. Mezhdunarodno-pravovoe regulirovanie vynuzhdennoj i trudovoj migracii:monografija. - M.: Prospekt, 2013.

Current problems of socio-economic and cultural integration of migrants in the Russian Federation The article examines the complex problems associated with the characteristic features of economic and cultural integration of migrants in the Russian Federation. Analyzing the development trend of modern social and political processes that contribute to the formation of a civilized convergence and unified secure stable multi-ethnic space, the author identifies a number of topical issues for the improvement of legislative regulation of adaptation of migrants in the Russian Federation. It is proposed to implement a set of measures to create favorable conditions for such an adaptation.