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SIM Racing Apps Welcome to SIM Racing Apps A FREE, Community Supported, Companion to Your Racing Games Built for SIM Racers, League Administrators, Streamers and Broadcasters. System requirements can be found on the main page at Be sure to like the on FaceBook to get notifications on updates, tips and tricks. Support can be found by requesting to join the on FaceBook, where you can post questions, participate in the discussions. User contributed Apps and Widgets can be found in the 'Files' section of the group.

M-crew Ver.2.01E is a Shareware software in the category Miscellaneous developed by Sony Corporation. The latest version of M-crew Ver.2.01E is 2.01, released on. It was initially added to our database on. M-crew Server 2.5; Sony M-crew Server 2.5 Manuals Manuals and User Guides for Sony M-crew Server 2.5. We have 1 Sony M-crew Server 2.5 manual available for.

Disclaimer, I cannot support nor be held responsible for any User Contributions posted to the Files section. You can also go to the for solutions to common problems. Please log any bugs or enhancement requests on the page on GitHub. Downloads For detailed instructions see Documentation To see what issues are completed/planned for the next releases, or, or What is SIMRacingApps? • It's a Web Server used to host browser based Apps that are accessible using any device with a modern HTML5 browser. • It comes with over 50 Apps and Widgets, free, out of the box.

Shablon dlya brelka s gos nomerom. See below for the most popular ones. It has built in sounds for counting down to pit stall, when exceeding pit road speed, and when to shift.• The popular client platform is supported where multiple configurations can be created. • It has a hardware plug-in interface, for Shift Lights, Sound, Arduino, Raspberry Pi or anything else you can think of. • It's a ReST interface for developers to access the SIM Data via an HTTP call from anywhere on your network. • There's a Profile on the download's page that uses the ReST API to control the SIM.

• It's a HTML5 platform for other developers to write Apps and Widgets and share them with you. • It's a Java SDK for developing your own Java Based Apps. • And it is free, no hidden fees, not a demo, full 100% functionality available, open source, released under the. If someone has charged you for this software, they are in violation of the license and I'm sorry. You can always get it for free from the download links provided on this page. • Like us on FaceBook to keep up with new releases and tips and tricks.

And join our FaceBook group which will be used as an open discussion forum. • Donations: I will not be accepting any donations. I made this decision so other contributors would not think I was benefiting from their work. What I may do, is create a Go Fund Me page to cover the costs of buying new SIMs and other costs. Right now, costs are almost nothing, thanks to GitHub hosting all of the web content for free. Want to try it out?

On the same computer where the simulator is running: • Download the latest version of SIMRacingAppsServer.exe and save it where you can find it later. It is not an installer. • Execute SIMRacingAppsServer.exe. If you get a warning from Windows Defender or other Antivirus software, you can safely allow it to run as long as you downloaded from my download link. Do not accept it from any other source.