Intellistim Be 28e Manual

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The availability of two channels of stimulation with biphasic pulses symmetrical biphasic and alternating allows use with ring sensors probes and fingers sensors probes. Download generic trial program starter 101 download download and reviews 2016. Technical features power supply 2 Alkaline battery Type AA1.54v (LR6) output numbers 2 with independent intensity regulation max output 100 mApp on 1000 Ohm pulse width selectable 50?3S to 400?3S Frequency from 1 Hz to 150Hz wave form Symmetrical rectangular biphasic - Rectangular biphasic alternating Timer Selectable between: Continuous, 10min, 20min, 30min, 45min, 60min, 90minutes size - weight 138x68x28 mm (with bag and accessories) - 160 g CE Marchio N° 0051. METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR LARYNGEAL ELEVATOR MUSCULATURE REHABILITATION BACKGROUND [0001] The current invention generally relates to a method of treating decreased laryngeal elevation. More specifically, this invention relates to the use of a neuro-orthotic device, in combination with electrical stimulation of the submandibular muscles, to treat laryngeal elevator musculature.

Intellistim Be 28e Manual Woodworkers Rating: 4,2/5 2364votes. Intellistim Be 28e Manual Woodworkers. Minarelli p6 service manual Htc vivid x710a manual. IntelliSTIM BE-28E Digital Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS) The IntelliSTIM BE-28E is a top of the range of EMS machines. This state of the art machine has been specially developed to give optimum treatment. While this unit is unrivalled in the many features offered it remains easy to operate and is ideal for both personal and professional use.

This invention also relates to muscle re-education and rehabilitation by using a neuro- orthotic device, in combination with electrical stimulation of the submandibular muscles, to stimulate laryngeal elevator musculature. [0002] People with dysphagia have difficulty swallowing, and may also experience pain while swallowing. A commonly encountered functional abnormality in individuals with dysphagia is a decrease in laryngeal elevation. Laryngeal elevation is important in the elongation of the pharyngeal-esophageal sphincter, and assistance with epiglottic closure. Often, the decrease in laryngeal elevation is due to atrophy of the laryngeal elevator musculature. [0003] The use of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) for dysphagia treatment has gained increased interest over several years.

There have been a few investigative studies into NMES treatments of dysphagia. Some previous studies have focused on research methods involving the stimulation of open nerves in animals.


Other studies have focused on the use of electrical stimulation with parameters adjusted to initiate the swallow reflex. [0004] In the context of sleep apnea research, some researchers have hypothesized that electrical stimulation may improve laryngeal musculature and thereby decrease apneic episodes. There is, however, an absence of published research combining an orthotic or neuro-orthotic in combination with electrical stimulation to promote laryngeal elevator musculature re-education, rehabilitation, or regeneration. [0005] The existing studies are not necessarily a best option for a therapeutic treatment of decreased laryngeal elevation. An evaluation of these techniques for their significance in swallowing rehabilitation and other treatments centered on the submandibular and pharangyeal regions, shows that the specific parameters and uses vary, and the results for the research have not been consistent. [0006] One difficulty researchers face is finding the proper balance of treatment and therapy to overcome the decrease in laryngeal elevation. Major goals of treatment and therapy include being non-invasive to the patient, preventing disuse atrophy of the muscles, increasing range of motion, re-educating muscle functions, temporarily decreasing spasticity, and increasing local blood circulation.