Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver For Pc Download Full Version

Product Information • Mattel's successful Hot Wheels toy francise has been bringing young boys and girls racing action for over 30 years. Now, Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver CD-ROM puts you behind the wheel of your favorite Hot Wheels cars!

Grab the wheel and catch some air! Now all the hard-driving action of the ultimate stunt racing challenge goes off-road! With new terrain, new hazards, and new.

Race the Shadow Jet, Power Rocket and ten other classic cars through 360-degree loops and over gravity-defying jumps. At each jump it's up to you to send your car into a series of awesome stunts, rolls, twists and somersaults -- all in mid-air! Master the World Championship's six unique race courses, and discover both the hidden tracks and secret Hot Wheels cars. The clock is running out as you take each twist and turn around each course, dodging road debris and the occasional stray animal.

At the end of each course, you'll be rated on Time, Jumps, Stunts and Crashes. The more visual rewards you received while racing, the better your time and stunt rating. However, you'll receive one crash icon for every crash. A top score allows you to enter two more hidden levels for ultimate driving challenges! The gamplay all takes place inside and around a house.

Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challange To whom this may concern, This the 2nd one of these that I am buying for my 5 year old grandson, Matthew. The first was one of many games that I purchased when I gave him his first pc as a 3rd year birthday present. Serial dilution advantages and disadvantages. Download aplikasi pembobol wifi untuk pcp.


Somehow he has lost it, which seems hard for me to understand because it never spends time OUT of the hard drive. He just loves all cars and has a great collection of all Hot Wheels stuff, and he spends a lot of time playing this game. Truthfully he is much better at it than I am! Would I say it is a good thing for any kid, or person to play?