Greddy Emanage Blue Software Serial

Dec 17, 2009  Greddy Emanage Ultimate CD. Anybody have a spare copy of the Program CD for the Ultimate. Mine did not come with one. (in the 'serial number' field, just enter whatever you like). I have installed the EMU software on Win98, XP, XP x64 and Vista and it worked every time.

• • • • • • • • • • • Introduction This page outlines how to construct a GReddy e-Manage (Blue) Support Tool cable. This page also links to the required PC software and wiring diagrams. GReddy e-Manage (Blue) Support Tool Cable The GReddy e-Manage (Blue) has a USB connector on it, however it does not support USB communications, this can catch quite a number of people out when they go to connect their GReddy e-Manage (Blue) unit to their PC for tunning. GReddy charge quite a significant amount of money for their 'Support Tool', which effectively simply takes the voltage level (0V to 5V) serial data from the e-Manage unit and converts it to standard PC serial port voltage serial data for the PC.

It isn't particularly hard to construct a Support Tool Cable yourself and the following information should allow you to construct your own GReddy e-Manage (Blue) Support Tool Cable. This design fits the PCB and required components inside a conventional plastic DB9 housing. As a further note I have also successfully used this design with USB to RS232 serial converters with laptops that are not equipped with a serial port from factory.

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