Fate Hollow Ataraxia Save Game

Fate Hollow Ataraxia Save Game

Contents • • • • • • • Installation • Download and extract file •.nds file and copy it to the root directory of the card User guide Saving: This game allows player to save progress. On first play, the game will create the save file 'fha_save.sav' on flash cart. It will only use this file, not the one that the flash cart creates. Controls Stylus only.

Hi I've hit 99.2% completion but even after following guides, I've not been able to get to 99.6% to unlock the ending Could anyone please.

Square 'disk' - save Left arrow - go to previous page Right arrow - go to next page Compatibility Requires a Nintendo DS/Lite and a flash cart. Tested on R4 Revolution (but probably works on M3 Simply, since they're the same thing). Runs in DeSmuME emulator but does not support saving (see Issues). Known issues Once the game ends, player will need to reload it (on/off) if want to play it again. Saving does not work in emulators (as of 2008/03). Just use the emulator's save state function, if it has it.

Changelog Update 2008/11/08 • Removed '3MB Version.' Update 2008/05/11 • Added '3MB Version,' which should provide better compatibility with some flash carts, such as the Neo MK5. If you couldn't get this game to work before, please try the 3MB version.

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2008/03/07 • Initial Release Credits Thanks TYPE-MOON - Creators of Fate/hollow ataraxia - www.typemoon.com Devkitpro - DS Homebrew tools - www.devkitpro.org PALib & PAlib Forums - DS Homebrew tools & dev help - www.palib.info DeSmuME - DS emulator - desmume.sourceforge.net.