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ESA European Seed Association is the voice of the European seed industry, representing the interests of those active in research, breeding, production and marketing of seeds of agricultural, horticultural and ornamental plant species. Today, ESA has more than 35 national member associations, from EU Members States and beyond, representing several thousand seed businesses, as well as more than 70 direct company members, including from seed related industries. Mission ESA’s mission is to engage on behalf of its members with all relevant European decision makers in order to represent their interests and to contribute to a • fair and proportionate regulation of the European seed sector • freedom of choice for customers (farmers, growers, industry, consumers) in supplying seeds as a result of innovative, diverse technologies and production methods • effective protection of intellectual property rights relating to plants and seeds. History ESA was founded in November 2000, bringing together four former European seed associations and individual seed companies into one single Europe-wide organisation representing the totality of the European seed sector. Already in 1961, COSEMCO (Seed Trade), in 1964 ASSOPOMAC (Potato Breeders), in 1970 AMUFOC (Forage Seed Production) and in 1977 COMASSO (Plant Breeders) were founded, with each association representing important parts of the plant breeding, seed production and marketing chain. In 1998, these associations established a first joint organisational structure as a platform for common activities before fully merging into ESA in 2000. By Royal Decree of 2nd April 2002 ESA has been granted the legal status of non-profit International Association (AISBL) following Belgian Law.

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Transparency ESA is registered on the Joint EU Commission and Parliament Transparency Register under. Download copyright form pajak 1721 excel. • annual meeting Thanks for participating this year in Madrid, Spain, 7-9 October 2018. See you next year in Stockholm, Sweden, 13-15 October 2019. • pinto Database ESA has developed PINTO, a database which provides information on plant varieties that fall under the scope of a patent in Europe. • Esta scheme ESA has developed the “European Seed Treatment Assurance” (ESTA) scheme for quality assurance of plant protection products and the handling and use of treated seed. • Voluntary benefit sharing activities of the seed sector Explore the voluntary benefit-sharing activities the seed sector is engaged in and discover interesting projects across the world.