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• 154 Downloads • Abstract The defect structure of multiwalled carbon nanotubes has been studied by transmission electron microscopy and Raman spectroscopy, with particular attention to the shape and intensity of the defect band D and its overtone D*. Electron-microscopic results demonstrate that multiwalled nanotubes typically have multiple bends.


The associated short- and long-range disorder influences the Raman spectrum of the nanotubes. The presence of several defect species, differing in scattering probability, results in a stochastic relationship between the intensities of the D*- and D-bands. Corte certo plus crackeado. This relationship is qualitatively interpreted in terms of general mechanisms of elastic/inelastic interactions of π-electrons with phonons and defects.

The results of spectroscopic studies of a glow discharge plasma at atmospheric pressure in air with an electrode based on distilled water are presented. Kitajskij blok pitaniya tv schedule. The parametric effects affecting the discharge emission are analyzed. The dependence of the emission intensity of the various discharge components. Object Moved This document may be found here.