Duronic Usb 20 Slim Portable Optical Drive Drivers

Baiti Mar 24, 2018  Hello, i need drivers for this slim brand: portable optical drive m Model: mk-85.


Hi, It is possible that the drive is defective, but there may be a power conservation setting on your laptop causing a problem as well. If you go to Power Options. 'Change Plan Settings' on the right in blue text. Then 'Change Advanced Power Settings' also in blue text, you will get a window where you can change default power settings. You can temporarily disable or modify anything related to your USB.

You can also go to Device Manager. 'Universal Serial Bus Controllers', and see if you can determine which Hub or controller your drive is attached to, and temporarily disable it's Power saving feature. It may be that your computer simply doesn't supply enough power for the drive. Las vegas season 4 episode 1 torrent download.

Can you switch the cables to different ports to see if that helps? USB 3.0 ports supply more power is you have any. Do you have any AC adapter gadgets that supply power through a USB connector you can try? You might try a friends computer or something for an easy test.

When USB powered external drives first came out, there were a lot of problems with insufficient power availability. Even after using two USB plugs the problem remained to a lesser degree.

USB 3.0 has a higher power output to try and resolve a lot of those issues.