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Sesungguhnya ku tak rela jika kau tetap bersama dirinya. Hempaskan cinta yang kuberi. Semampunya ku mencoba tetap setia menjaga s'galanya.

Despite his issues with the philosophy of HUC, Heschel expressed an interest in sustaining his friendship with Morgenstern in his resignation letter: “I earnestly hope and wish, however, that the cordiality and warmth of our friendship will not be impaired by my leaving this institution.” It is clear from the amount of correspondence from Morgenstern that their friendship continued until Heschel’s death. In a handwritten draft of his resignation letter to Morgenstern Heschel wrote “from the beginning of my affiliation with the college I fully realized that the HUC stands for a distinctive philosophy of Judaism which it tries to realize in practice and with which my own interpretation of Judaism is not in full accord.” Heschel’s resignation was accepted with sadness and respect on the part of Julian Morgenstern. In a letter dated May 19, 1945, Morgenstern wrote that he and the HUC Board of Governors wished to express their feeling that he was doing the “right and honorable thing.” A number of letters related to Heschel’s resignation echo this sentiment. Kassetnij pchelopaviljon chertezh. In 1945, Heschel’s theological divergence from HUC became a serious issue for him and he resigned his position. Heschel’s students, colleagues and friends approved of Heschel’s decision and wished him well.

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