Download Free Air Chicago Towel Folder Manual

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Product Overview For laundries that desire automatic post-sorting ability, AIR CHICAGO QUATTRO is a newly designed high speed towel and gown folder combines the precision processing standards of the original with a specialized four lane exit conveyor configuration, giving it the potential to sort three or four unique items in a single program, depending on finished package size. This unprecedented level of flexibility enables an operator to randomly feed up to four different size towels, gowns and other tumble dried items all at the same time. The automatically determines the size of the item being processed and chooses and performs the desired fold pattern. A newly designed crossfold section uses reversing conveyors to perform folds for accurate, dependable jam-free operations.

AIR CHICAGO ELITE is the newest generation of Chicago's exclusive Air Induced Response French folder series. From towels and blankets to hospital gowns and pillowcases, Air Chicago Elite meets the folding needs of any laundry processing a wide variety of items of all sizes and types. Download Brochure. Chicago's Home For Music Lovers. Listen to Free Radio Online Music, Sports, News. ©2019 Entercom. Careers Privacy Policy Terms of.

Folded items are directed to one of four internal conveyor drop areas for stacking with similar items. For larger folded packages, the system links a pair of adjacent delivery conveyors to accommodate the larger size. This allows the Air Chicago Quattro the versatility to sort in 2 large stacks, 1 large and 2 small stacks, or 3 or 4 small stacks. Folded stacks are then discharged to the delivery conveyor, which may be set up in the field to deliver stacks back to the front feed operator, or to the rear for further conveyance or handling. Industries • • • • • • • • • •.