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We consider a ROM hack completed when it has at least 7 gyms, the main story is done, with legendaries and has Pokemon leagues or declared by the author as completed. Workloads and various struggles during game development remain the hindrance to creating a wholesome Pokemon rom hack.

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Description Every time we have played Pokemon Emerald, we have unwillingly helped to Wally catch that Ralts. Every playtrough, we had to shatter his will in Mauville, because only like that we could get that badge for ourselves. And in victory road. Wally came and almost wrecked us. That level 5 Ralts that's both impossible to appear in game, and how the hell did he level it up if it learns confusion on level 6?

There are many questions regarding Wally's journey, like this one. This story will attempt to answer all of them. The game plays in an alternate universe. In here, Wally is the one that beats Brendan. Wally is the one that we see through his eyes.

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Wally will be the Pokemon League Champion. You start out in Petalburg, with your Uncle, you go to Petalburg Gym to ask for a Pokemon, and from there your destiny will take you to where you belong. Hi, developer of Pokemon Emerald - Wally Version here. Thanks a lot for featuring my hack in your website. I appreciate that it meets your standards as a good, quality hack.

However, I request of you to place the PokeCommunity link in the top rather than the bottom of the page. Aswell a link to the hack's Discord server. Also to whomever that adds the hacks onto this website, please also inform creators and developers that you are intending to feature their hack here. Although I see it in a positive view others may not, and you should at least get approval by the creator/one of the team members. As for players, I encourage you to go to PokeCommunity, like and comment on the thread of the game as it gives me the most motivation. Again thank you very much, sincerely -Bladecraft. Yeah, I can do that, no problem.

I'll add those links to the top when I get home. As for informing creators, I'm guessing many of them would rather not have their hacks on this site. So, in order to not disappoint this site's followers, I'd have to at least post a link to the main list (as opposed to creating a separate page like this). More importantly, this is a relatively small site. Soon, if not already, your hack will probably be added to bigger rom sites like Pokemoner and then this page will become irrelevant. After a talk with another rom hacker I came to the conclusion most people would like their rom to reach as many people.

So I don't see why people would tell you to not. As for discontinued hacks, I'd understand if you publish without asking permission because the author might be inactive. However I think most if not all people will agree, and the more people you got agreeing the more people will agree in the future.