Dolzhnostnaya Instrukciya Glavnogo Specialista Administrativno Hozyajstvennogo

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Whenever I feel discouraged about what’s going on, I allow myself a few minutes to feel that discouragement, self-pity, frustrationwhatever that may be. Then after a few minutes, I choose to change my thinking.

I choose to focus on more encouraging, uplifting, and inviting thoughts. One of the ways I do that is by focusing on those things in my life that are going well, or as my grandma used to say, by counting my blessings.

Dolzhnostnaya Instrukciya Glavnogo Specialista Administrativno Hozyajstvennogo

If you’re like me, sometimes, its hard to see what’s going well. It may take me a few minutes to get rolling with some heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for what I do have when I’m struggling. However, I start wherever I can and by focusing on the things I’m grateful for, I gradually start to change my thinking. Its not a magic pill. It takes some concentration, at first if I’m really struggling. Sometimes, I’ll have some music playing in the background to help set the stage to focus on what I like in my life. Then, and only then, do I go back to the things which were leading me to feel discouraged and frustrated.

Now, I have a “fresh” mind to address the situation and can be much more creative and effective at listing possibilities for how I could address it. When we’re anxious and stressed, our creativity closes down. By focusing on our blessings, changing our mindset, and re-examining the situation, we open up our creativity. I’ll spend some time brainstorming ideas. True brainstorming does not judge the ideas being generated, but merely lists them.

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The time for analyzing options comes later. Through this idea generation, I often identify what Mary Morrissey refers to as “sludge”.

Initially the brackish water that’s already in the pipeline of ideas is not appealing. However, by continuing to generate ideas, I usually come up with something that’s very doable and often excites me. I pick the solution that best seems to work and move forward. I end this process with re-counting my blessings. I appreciate the opportunity to grow and learn, about myself, about others, and about our connectedness. I truly am grateful for the wonderful people in my life who have helped me recognize how to live my life in a way I desire, by my own destiny and not by default. Posted by Lana on Jan 25th, 2015 Dear Debbie,I need encouragement and threfeore also need to give it.Does family count??It's a natural part of being a daughter, wife, mother and sister.I also try to encourage friends, and also receive support both from friends I see face to face and my praying blog friends.I do hope I manage to give something in return.I often feel that you, even though you must be tired never seize to encourage and care for the people you meet, young and old.I pray that blessings must be richly returned to you.From Felisol.

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