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Adapted from a Japanese manga of the same title, Devil Beside You combines efforts of the most famous TV series producer, Angie Tsai (who once created the miracle of Meteor Garden), and rising young idols such as Mike He, Rainie Yang, Kingone Wang, and Cai Pei Lin! The romance comedy was extremely popular when it was broadcast in Taiwan!

Mike He and Rainie Yang play a couple who often quarrel with each other. Mike is a young man who doesn't know how to express his love for his girlfriend, a lively girl played by singer Rainie Yang. To complicate matters, their parents are planning to marry each other, making them stepsiblings.


Instrukciya po pozharnoj bezopasnosti v torgovoj tochke. Apart from the idols' handsome faces, their dramatic acting is also what appeals to the Taiwanese audience, making Devil Beside You the most loved Taiwanese romantic TV series in 2005! BEST TAIWANESE DRAMA EVER! Akpp hendaj f4a51 2008 manual.

Customer Review Rated Bad 10 - 10 out of 10 I've watched a lot of Asian dramas ever since I got into them a couple of years ago, but 'Devil Beside You' is definitely my favorite out of all of them so far. Since it's based off a manga, it's either hyper or dramatic when it needs to be.

The actors/actresses or perfect for the roles they play, and the plot is more original than a lot of Asian (or even American) dramas out today.. I just wish they'd actually made a sequel, a spin-off or even a movie to continue it, but in every other way it's perfect! Jiang Meng a.k.a. Ahmon (Mike He) and Qi Yue (Rainie Yang) make the most adorable, hilarious, hot, believable couple I've seen in a long time! devil beside you. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Mike He) Mandarin Audio/ Thai Audio (option) with English/ Thai sub (option) Licensed by MangPong Thailand. Currently unavailable. 5 out of 5 stars 1. Devil Beside You 11 END (Traditional Chinese Edition) 2005.