Creative Sound Blaster X Fi Mb Serial

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Hi, Nice Community! I'm a New Member here. In the past, I've found many solutions in these threads; which made my PC handling smoother & gaming experience more immersive. So First, I want to express my Gratitude to all of you good people. However, I'm facing a problem with Creative Sound Blaster X-FI MB-3 Suite. It came bundled with my Gigabyte H170 Gaming-3 Motherboard, which has Realtek ALC-1150 Onboard Audio Codec. Their site says, it supports up to EAX HD-5.0.

My Question>>> How can I enable EAX (In Windows-7, through Alchemy) in older games like Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell, F.E.A.R. Etc; but still have Realtek Control Options to manage my Onboard Sound.??? If I install SB X-FI MB-3, then It takes over the Sound Management & disables most of Realtek's Controls & Functions. Without Installing SB X-FI MB-3, Alchemy cannot detect my Audio Hardware. Is there any Driver Only Solution for Creative EAX & Alchemy.? Any way that I can install SB XFI MB3 Drivers but still retain Full Functions of my Realtek Control Panel.???

Or Any Other Workaround.? Download adobepatchinstallerexe free. Best Regards.

^the second icon on the GUI. One other thing to note, is that X-Fi MB is only a software overlay for the audio chip/soundcard, which means that you're supposed to have somewhat limited functionality via the Realtek Sound Manger. Lastly, have you tried introducing the game you'd like EAX to operate by including it in the Alchemy list of games? Unfortunately workarounds aren't you option since Creative's software overlay often comes with added disadvantages(like only working on a select number of motherboards, due to licensing fees) and some added advantages.

Have you tried working with the audio settings within each of the games you've mentioned? Thanks for the reply. When I install SB X-FI MB3 software suite, after adding the games through Alchemy, the EAX options in those games work as intended. But the Software Suite also removes most of the Realtek Audio Manager's control settings. I guess it takes over from Realtek. But without the SB X-FI software, even though I have Realtek's full control; Alchemy refuse to work with my sound chip. Ip man 1 full movie. So I was looking for a Driver-Only solution where Realtek has the Full Control of Audio device, but I can add my games through Alchemy.


Is it possible.? One more thing, I've been reading in some forums that the SB X-FI MB software is a LOT WORSE than modern Realtek Drivers. So i got worried that i might be losing Audio Quality.

Should I completely remove the Sound Blaster software.? Or should I let the overlay run on my Realtek Onboard Chip.?