Blue Diamond Usb Driver

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• 2923 Answers SOURCE: What is the operating system of your computer? Can you tell me the exact model number of your Bluetooth Adapter (it usually starts with GBU)? Check the link below, and see the system requirements: You need to check also the system type of your computer (32 or 64-bit OS).

Some IOGEAR devices could only support 32-bit OS. If you are running 64-bit OS, that could cause the problem. Try to uninstall the Bluetooth driver. Reboot the computer, then reload the installation disk that came with it.

Once the hardware wizard ask you to plug the device it, just continue the installation, BUT DO NOT plug the device. After the installation is done, reboot the computer again, the PLUG the device in WHILE the computer is shutting down. Once the computer comes back up, then it should install the other necessary driver. And that should work.


Posted on Apr 28, 2010.