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Richard Sorge is considered by many to be one of the most extraordinary scouts of all time. In the history of the special services of different countries there are examples of personal courage and professionalism of agents of the highest class who have changed the course of world history. Ott tv box cs918s firmware update. But Richard Sorge, perhaps, still remains unsurpassed - it was he who actually prevented the seizure of Moscow by the Wehrmacht, and possibly the loss of the country in the Second World War. There is information that, in principle, Stalin was consciously ready to lose the capital of the USSR, he did not see any other way to raise the Soviet people to a holy war against the German occupiers. As a result of a four-month defeat after defeat, the lion part of the territories of the European part of the USSR was under occupation and the situation of the country, which had already crossed the red line, turned out to be simply catastrophic.

A lot has been written about “spy creativity” by Richard Sorge, films have been released. There are many myths associated with the activities of the Tokyo resident. Here are the main ones: “the independent manner of behavior, his independent lifestyle, excessive alcohol addiction and numerous love stories that put the Cheka leadership on guard, led his activity to a logical end. In 1941 he was arrested, and in November 1944 executed.” Moreover, if it is mentioned, it is stingy that long before the failure of the Ramsay group, Dr. Sorge had a friendly chat, “drinking tea” with Chiang Kai-shek himself, was generally recognized in the Tokyo German affair as a true activist of the Nazi party in the NSDAP Embassy of the Third Reich in Tokyo. And in April 1941 Adolf Hitler publicly announced Dr. Sorge the best journalist in Germany: 'Mein freund Richard.'

This and the rest of the more cleverly incomprehensible facts from the biography of the scout 'number one' of all times and peoples is separately described in the proposed article. During the bloody repressions of 1937-1938, the Tokyo resident was to be recalled to Moscow to try as a “double agent”, if not a triple one — this is Stalin’s newly-minted apologists trying to turn into a myth that all objective memoirists admit to be true. Myth to cast a shadow on the fence?

Sorge’s warning about the duration of the attack by Hitler’s Germany on the USSR was contemptuously rejected by Stalin as “from shit with cheap factories and public houses in Japan”. Today, among professionals there is a perception that the scout surrendered by and large their simple way. The International Court of Justice is an International entity that is part of the United Nations Organization, UN, is responsible for preserving international peace and security, resolving conflicts between States through litigation and consultative. The Plurinational State of Bolivia, in 2013 filed a complaint with the Court against the Republic of Chile, seeking to resolve the conflict that has divided them for more than 100 years. The article allows us to determine the scenarios and perspectives that this demand faces, by analyzing the dynamics of the conflicts, the revision of the Peaceful Conflict Resolution Mechanisms (diplomatic and legal) established, in particular, in the Constitution Charter of the UN and the analysis of the functioning of the International Court of Justice.