Lenovo 60047 Proshivka 4pda

How to download lenovo firmware lenovo teab 2 a7-30hc firmware link SM-J210F.

Hi, I am hoping someone from the lenovo support staff is reading this forum and can help me. I toyed around bit to much in the android debugging console and did a 'wipe all' instead of a 'wipe data', while the /system partition was mounted read-write. After this I left myself with an empty and non backuped /system partition. Is there any way that lenovo can provide me with a flashable zip of the factory shipped rom, that I can flash onto the device using adb sideload? The recovery is still booting via -> META MODE + adb reboot recovery, so I think the reflashing via sideload should work too. My device ihas the model number: 60046 and the serial number: xxxxx and was bought via amazon.de on, shipped. Proof of ownership can be provided via the delivery receipt.


Thanks in advance for any help. Moderator comment: Serial number(s) removed to protect member from mischief. I'm not sure if the above will apply to my problem. I recemtly porchased a Yoga 10 inch tablet. It has worked perfectly until today. It was turned off, and when I tried turning it on. All i got was a black screen, with the word 'LENOVO' in white.

Tipovaya metallicheskaya ferma 12 m 15. In the bottom left hand corner it says. 'The device is in META MODE. Long press the power button to normal boot'. I have tried this a number of times, but nothing happens. All i can see is the black screen with lenovo showing. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.