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These types of questions can't be answered by contributors. But for content purposes, we can provided a reason below. The English Vocaloids don't 'suck'. They're much harder to use, however, and they aren't as popular, so there's a significant lack of good songs using them. Take note, it is harder to use a Japanese Vocaloid for English.

While it true English Vocaloid overall harder to use, they are not THAT hard. If a user types the words 'I love you' they will sing 'I love you'. There are now as of August 2011 over 600 English Vocaloid songs but there are literally thousands of Vocaloids songs that have been produced dwarfing that number, the quality and user skill of which vary per each song. Out of every thousand songs, only a handful are of good status, but the opinion of 'good' quality makes it difficult to judge the exact number.

With much less songs, it is harder to find one that is on par with what fans perceive as 'good'. Take note, to say the Japanese Vocaloids are better is not entirely correct. One of the most common problems fans have when comparing Vocaloids from Japan is the acknowledgement that they are listening to a language that they may not even be able to understand to begin with. Unless you have an understanding of phonetics for the Japanese language you will never be able to fully 'hear' the Japanese Vocaloids. However, a native English speaker can hear clearly how flawed the English Vocaloids are in contrast. The level of skill a producer may use in making a song may also be deceptive; even the worst Vocaloids can sound good in the right hands.

For example, the Kagamine Vocaloids have had a long history of problems with their voicebanks, yet it is rare that anyone will notice this within the English speaking community. Even Hatsune Miku herself is a dated voicebank and improvements in the Vocaloid 2 were applied over time with VY1 and VY2 being the highest quality voicebanks produced for the software. Even then they are still not perfect, yet reading comments on youtube about the two Vocaloids people have responded with comments like 'most realistic Vocaloid ever'. While this is true, they still cannot tell how far they are from sounding realistic and 'human' like. English Vocaloid usage has only just begun to increase and many are still trying to learn how to use the software. The amount of development in the English version and its community is still lagging behind because of the software early bad start and its reputation.