Hitman Absolution Cheats Ps3 Infinite Health

Using Cheats on Hitman Absolution. God Mode and Invisible (Cant be Seen) If the AI looks at you and shoots you then they are taking a lucky shot on where the shooting came from. My aiming looks bad as theres a controller to capturing delay, i move the cross hair and fire but the enemy has already moved. To be able to use these cheats yourself you need a modified console, either custom firmware or drive emulator (hardware hack on offical firmware) Download the modified eboot or add the cheats yourself using Ps3 Cheats Editor software.

Hitman: Absolution Cheats For PlayStation 3 • Secret Death in End of The Road *SPOILERS* When you take Lenny out to the desert to decide whether to kill him or spare him, there is a secret and hilarious way to kill him if that is what you choose. Don't kill him. First, look around, and you'll see 5 vultures, some in air, with some perched. Make sure all of them are in air by running up to them and scaring them away. Then shoot all 5 down with any gun, and just wait. All of a sudden, an ice cream truck comes out of nowhere and runs over Lenny, sending him sky high. Interestingly enough, the ice cream truck seems very similar to that of the one in the Prologue.

Contributed by: Rogue_Agent • Trophies There are 32 Bronze Trophies, 12 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy. Hitman: Absolution HD Cheats For PlayStation 4 • Trophies There are 28 bronze trophies, 5 silver trophies, 5 gold trophies, and 1 platinum trophy.

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