Eightball Mjg Discography Rar

MANE MANE MANE!!!! I don't really even have nuthin to say nuthin bout this. I been wantin 'just like candy' in my MP3 collection for a while now, and now I got it. Y'all already know I rep ORANGE MOUND, MEMPHIS TN so really I'm just givin props to DJ Ant Lo for recognizing real music, classic southern rap, and puttin together this mixtape.

If u take the time out of your (worthless) life to hate on this shit right here. Dis shit right here nigga??? Dis shit right here???

I wouldn't even respond cuz you must not know real shit when it smacks you in the face. I'm bout to bump dis junt i'm out.

8 Ball and MJG Discography 8 Ball Solos 8Ball Almost Famous 01 Thorn.mp3. 7 MB 02 Spit.mp3. 6 MB 03 No Sellout.mp3. 6 MB 04 Holla Back.mp3. 6 MB 05 Live This.mp3.

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