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Hi there, I'm new at posting remarks, so apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere. I purchased MYOB Accounting Plus V15 in 2006 and subsequently upgraded to V18.

After changing and upgrading computeres over the years, I found that I was not able to access the software (M9004) error. I have the original CD (for V15) and serial numbers. As I needed to use it for my son's new sole-trader business in 2014, and I could not use it, I purchased AccountRight Standard. However, it does not have the payroll module, and I now need to use payroll as we will be employing casual labour. 1) How can I reactivate Accounting Plus V18 so that I can use that (and stop using AccountRight Standard which does not have payroll)? 2) Can the tax tables be updated? 3) How do I re-install Accounting Plus V18 to my computer (the original CD was for V15 and upgraded online to V18)?

Thank you for the help. Hi there, You can go back to using Accounting Plus, however, it may be worth simply upgrading your AccountRight Standard to AccountRight Plus if you require the payroll function. This is because Accounting Plus v18, being an incredibly old version, won't have the latest tax tables that you'll need to process your pays correctly. Upgrading from AccountRight Standard to Plus would come with an upfront cost of $240, and a monthly payment of $85 (instead of $55). Please do let us know if you'd like to go ahead with this, as we'd be happy to assist. Hi Tallie, thank you for trying to help.

The MYOB AccountRight version I use was purchased as an outright stand-alone application on my PC. I did not purchase the subscription version. According to what you wrote 1) would it be possible to upgrade this to a version with Payroll (without losing any of the other components currently in Standard version), and continue to use it as a stand-alone application on my PC (not a subscription version)? 2) If so, how much would it cost, all up?

3) Will I be able to upgrade my current data file to the new version with payroll? 4) Will I be able to open up another company file for another business? Appreciate your time to answer these queries. Thank you very much. Hi, I'd like to clarify that in order to obtain the latest tax tables, you'll need to upgrade to the latest AccountRight versions. Software upgrade is part of the benefits of having an active subscription, you'll also have access to range of including the SuperStream compliant option Pay Super. When you upgrade the serial number to a higher version, it will be signing up for an subscription, with a term of minimum 12 months.

Autopagex plug in keygen. So going from Standard to Plus it will be 240 + (85 x 12). You'll still have all the components in Standard. If you upgrade the Standard serial number to Plus, then all company files associated with this serial number will become Plus files, and can be used in the latest version. Each serial number has a limit of how many active company files there can be, which can be increased by purchasing additional company file license, it's a one off charge.

If your Accounting Plus v18 serial number has free company file licenses, you can also consider upgrade this serial number to latest version, which will just be $85 x 12. Then, upgrade the current Standard file to v2016.3, which will allow you to change the serial number within the software, to the Plus serial number.

If you can private message me both of your Plus and Standard serial numbers, I can check their company file license status for you. You can do so by clicking on my name, Send a message from the top right. Hi CloverQ Thank you for taking time to reply. The solutions suggested to me seem to be too expensive, compared to the benefits.

A total of $1000+ each year, just to have access to tax tables. I already have product with tax tables, MYOB Accounting Plus 18. Unfortunately for me, the sales people at MYOB claim they cannot find my registration, although I have a serial number, and the software sits on my Win7 laptop. The only things not working in it are: Payroll tax tables (greyed out because needs updating), and I think I am unable to add another new company file to it as it stands right now. So I just want to be able to add tax tables to the software (if possible), and be able to use it with 1 or more companies if necessary. I am prepared to pay the cost to be able to open more company files, and the cost to import updated Payroll tax tables (if this can be done).

Znachenie korejskih kart hato. Otherwise, I cannot use the software anymore, which is a great shame as it is totally workable, a top product, and fully paid for and licensed. So the last option, is for me to continue using MYOb AccountRight (which I purchased 2 years ago because of not being able to continue using Accounting Plus V18.