Convert Octet Stream To Pdf

We explain what OCTET-STREAM files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your OCTET-STREAM files. This also allows the Web browser to enable the user to know the recommended file format for the attached.octet-stream file. These OCTET-STREAM files may be opened by renaming the extension of the attached file to a.

Yes, ok, you have a PDF document being returned in binary format (I suppose content-type is application/pdf, and it is an octet stream). WHY do you wish to convert it to base64? Last of the mohicans sister.

With nodejs it is pretty straightforward, but if you are converting it to ASCII, can we make sure you doing so for a good reason. I mean to say, Apigee Edge can of course just pass through a binary stream.

The client can consume it directly. It may be that you'll tell me 'MY client cannot handle binary streams.'

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That might be a good reason, though I cannot think of a client that would be so limited.